Sermon - Ascension of Our Lord - Ephesians 1:15-23 - 3 Misunderstandings About the Ascension

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The Christian life revolves around its Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Or at least it should.  Jesus Christ is the center of our life, or at least He should be.

As we make the annual revolution around the life of our Lord, we notice that there are several events that we stop at and make a big deal out of, just like we do with our own life when we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and our Baptismal birthday.  These are particularly defining events.

Some of the defining events in the life of Christ are Christmas, Good Friday and Easter.  Yet, what we sometimes fail to realize, is that among the significant events in the life of our Lord, there are not just 3 but 5.  Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, His Ascension into heaven, and then there’s one that hasn’t happened yet, His 2nd coming.

The first three we wouldn’t think of missing and the fifth one sells lots of books.  But it’s easy for the Ascension of our Lord to slip by hardly noticed.  

The result of our lack of attention to the Ascension of our Lord is a heavy dose of misunderstanding about it.  I have a hunch that many people think that Christ’s work began on Christmas and ended on Easter, and now that He’s got the mess on aisle 5 cleaned up there’s no more need for Him to hang around any longer, so away He goes.  But that's not the cause, there is a lot that we gain from the Ascension and a proper understanding of it.  This is a festival of great importance!