Sermon - Easter Sunday - 1 Corinthians 15:19-26 - Without Easter?

Without Easter, we have nothing to celebrate because we didn’t get the news!!  Easter is that day that we know that God’s promise will come to us.  That we get to live…in bodies…without that stuff that makes life difficult. So thank God for Easter, thank God for Jesus, and thank God for the resurrection—his, of course…but ours as well!

Sermon - Lent Midweek 4 - Psalm 105:8 - Remember the Covenant

We have rules for the way covenants and other legal contracts are written. We try to apply those rules to God’s covenant, and they don’t fit.  God makes exceptions to the way he makes covenants . . . not for his benefit, but for our eternal benefit!  If we have a hard time remembering covenants, that’s not so serious.  As long as God remembers.  God remembers his covenant so that all generations are blessed forever.

Sermon - Lent 3 - Luke 13:1-9 - The Good Gardener

What becomes of the fig tree that was reluctant to bear fruit?  As in many of Jesus’ parables, this one ends leaving us in suspense.  Was it dig up?  Cut down?  Transplanted to another Vineyard?  We don’t know. That’s not the point. What we do know is that there is a good gardener and that the fig tree is in his hand.  That he will continue to feed and nourish and care for it. But the grace it is richly given day upon day, week upon week, year upon year will keep it. And sustain it. And make it prosper. Wherever it may be planted.

Sermon - Lent 2 - Luke 13:31-35 - Believe

It’s common when people have difficulties and pain in life that they come to the Church.  The seek comfort and they rightly turn to God. The Kingdom of Heaven is defined by Jesus as a kingdom of hearts that trust (have faith in) God’s promises. Who is in this kingdom? Who can be in this kingdom? Are you ready for Jesus’ reply?

παιδίον (paidion) – Common child

μικρoν  (mikron) – “small one”

τέκνον (teknon) – Child

θηλάζω (thalazo) – Nursing one

νήπιος (napion) – Infant

βρέφος (brephos) – Nursing Infant/unborn baby



Which word(s) occur in the verses below?

Luke 18:15-17                    

Matthew 18:1-6       

Matthew 21:15-16  

Matthew 11:25-27 

2 Timothy 3:14-15–

Luke 1:15; 41           

Sermon - Lent Midweek 2 - Psalm 111:4 - Remember Wondrous Works

It was a miracle the night Jesus walked on water. It proved that he is God, with all the powers of God. But then Jesus performed another perhaps even more wondrous work. He made it possible for Peter to walk on water as well.  So, consider Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.”  God was at work in Peter!  God is at work in you!  What has God done in you lately?  

Sermon - Transfiguration - Luke 9:28-36 - Jesus Looks...Different

The transfiguration of Jesus pair with Good Friday…but not in the way you’d think. On Good Friday there will be no light emanating from within Jesus for us to see.  No company of heaven surrounding Him.  No voice from the Father testifying of Him.  The departure that He must fulfill in Jerusalem must be fulfilled in darkness, all alone, forsaken by the Father.  He must “fulfill His departure in Jerusalem” so that we may depart in peace.