Adult Bible Study - Wholly Citizens - Chapter 4 - Part 5

This discussion revolves around an ongoing discussion about how we engage the difficult, nuanced and changing scenarios of engaging public square discussion; in particular being asked to pray for such events. This has more of an impact on clergy.

If you’d like to engage the other materials mentioned in class, please contact the church office and we will get those to you.

Adult Bible Study - Wholly Citizens - Chapter 4 - Part 2 "Constantinianism"

It would be good for us to share with you that Pastor Ben had a great conversation after class about issues with the ideas in the recording, as presented. There are many nuances to this topic and it certainly was not the intent of this one class to cover all possibilities and easily dismiss a universal health care system. It was asked, “If we aren’t going to advocate a socialist universal health care then how do we help people who need health care? This just isn’t that simple.” They are absolutely correct, but the Church (una sancta) has thought of this and produced a few ideas to address the concern. The basic idea goes back to the very beginning of “insurance” and farmers taking care of each other while also ensuring that they have what they need when the situation occurs. The Church’s response to health care is health care sharing. We will certainly take up this topic again. But if you’d like to consider the numerous resources out there, consider this brief list: