Adult Bible Study - Being Lutheran - Chapter 1: Closed

We've started a congregation wide Bible Study based on the book "Being Lutheran" by Rev. A. Trevor Sutton.  Each session will be based on one of the chapters of this book.

This bride of Christ, the Church, is open because of the Gospel.  But how much has it become a closed worship social group?  How can we be opened by the Gospel to proclaim it openly?

Adult Bible Study - The Bible on Trial: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - Session 1

This isn't a series that equips you to evangelize, but rather to comfort and strengthen your faith.  There are facts to support a historical Jesus and many Biblical events, but we want to be careful not to use them as reasons to believe.  We must embrace the narrative; however, on those days of weak or struggling faith, we can rest assured that Jesus is real.

Adult Bible Study - Mormons: Who They Are, What They Believe - Session 3

The most provocative of all the questions surrounding Mormons..."Are Mormons Christian?"  This isn't a topic that we discuss callously, but with great care for souls of those who are Mormon (and Christian for that matter).

In preparation for this study I recommend that you read through Galatians 1:6-9 and consider the gravity of what Paul is getting at in the opening verses to the Christians in Galatia!  What is he warning against?  What is at stake?  This is at the center of the discussion of whether Mormons are, in fact, Christian or not.