Many things separate one school from another in any community.  We desire to do the best that we can and not worry about how we compare.  Our mission is to provide a safe, Christian, child-centered environment for children of all races, colors, ethnic origin, religion, socio-economic background, physical or mental handicap, if the child's needs can be effectively accommodated within the center structure.


Our staff is experienced in their field and they continue to seek additional training to provide the best education and care for your child.  


We have small class sizes because we believe they lend themselves to hands-on learning for your child and the ability to transition an idea from theory to practice.  This is a school.  Your child will be learning.  Most fundamentally they will learn how to be a learner.  We talk to elementary schools and ask what skills they’d like their incoming kindergartners to have.  At the top of everyone’s list is the ability to listen and follow instructions.  Teaching your child about the world is important.  Doing so in a safe, Christian, child-centered and nurturing environment only helps your child to grow.



Preschool director: Holly Jackson, ECE

Teachers: Miss Belinda, Miss Carola


Phone: 970-247-1368




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